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10 April: Gabba Island. 22km 2 hours.
Thursday, 10 April 2014

I arrived here in quick time with a good SE wind behind me, but the rain was bucketing down the whole way.

I sat on the beach for over an hour in the rain, waiting to see if there was only to be a break in the weather to put the tent up. It didn't happen, so I had the put the tent up in the pouring rain and that where I spent the rest of the day, in the bloody tent!

With the heavens coming down, all I had to do to collect water was place my mug under the corner of the tent's vestibule for drinking and cooking. I think I'm starting to get cabin, sorry, I mean tent fever!

Well it's time for bed so I better go to bed, hang on, that's where I've been all bloody day!

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