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6 April: Coconut Island - 53 km - 6 hours 15 min.
Got hit by three bad storms today. One had thunder and lightning so dropped my mast down and had to stop paddling. I didn't think that waving a carbon fibre paddle around in the air would be a good idea. Apparently carbon is a good conductor of electricity!

5 April: Dugong Island - Lay Day
I was surprised how well I felt when I woke this morning after yesterday’s slog fest in the blazing sun, but I still was having the day off from paddling.

4 April: Dugong Island
Last night after the sun set and the wind still blowing, I actually had to put a jacket on, but I didn’t mind, knowing I would have a good wind for tomorrow’s long paddle.

3 April: Arnold Island 27 km. 3 hrs 15 min
I’m another day closer to my goal, as I push on to the next unknown island on this journey. For the next few days I’m paddling to island that I’ve never been to before.

2 April: Cairncross Island - 38 km. 3 hrs 45 mins.
I packed up this morning at the usual time, before daybreak, but I waited till the sun was on the water before packing the kayak down at the water’s edge. This would let me see if anything was in the water as I packed.

1 April: Hannibal Island - Layday
I woke this morning with every intention of leaving, but as I lay in my tent I said to myself, bugger it, I’m having the day off.

31 March: Hannibal Island - 48km 4 hrs 45 mins.
With 15-20 knot SE winds and 1 ½ metre seas in the right direction that I was heading, it was a fun day surfing the seas.

30 March: Sunday Island. 45km 5 hrs.
With 15 knots of SE winds up my backside I had a good run up to Sunday Island and no problems crossing the shipping channel.

29 March Forbes Island -- 37km. 4 hrs.
I got up at 4am this morning for an early start as I wanted to be on the water right at daybreak. This would give me the water I need on the reef systems ahead of me for my shortcut to Forbes Island.

28 March: Restoration Island – Preparation Day.
With the winds finally swinging around to the SE tomorrow, but was time to get my food drop packed into the appropriate dry bags.

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