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22 April: Cairns.
It had been a week since my kayak and I parted ways for our separate journeys back to Cairns, but today we were reunited.

21 April: Cairns.
I know Iíve been slack about writing an update for the past few days, but here it is now.

16 April: Horn Island.
With my kayak and gear all taken care of by Seaswift, all I have to do was take care of myself, that being making my way back.

15 April: Saibai Island.
Yesterday was the first time in 5 weeks I havenít had to check the weather forecast for the next 4 day weather window and then pack for the day paddle.

13 April: Saibai Island. 47km Ė 6 hours.
I started this journey back in 2007, Cairns to PNG, and now after the fourth attempt I can say that Iíve bloody made it!

12 April: Gabba Island. Layday
At 2am this morning I was awoken by howling winds and driving rain, but my weather was nothing compared to what they were getting further down south at Cooktown.

11 April: Gabba Island Ė Laday.
I woke many times throughout the night with the rain belting down, but also the winds were getting stronger by the hour, probably because the cyclone was moving closer to the mainland.

10 April: Gabba Island. 22km Ė 2 hours.
I arrived here in quick time with a good SE wind behind me, but the rain was bucketing down the whole way.

9 April: Yam Island Ė Layday.
Itís been raining on and off for the past two days here on Yam Island, but at least I can buy an ice cream during shop hours.

7 April: Coconut Island Ė Layday.
What can I say, the people here on Coconut Island are so welcoming that you feel like part of the community.

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