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My New Home.
A couple of days back my new tent arrived from Sea To Summit, so I have a new home for this expedition.

The Mat.
With my sewing skills improving with each project I create in the ‘Sweat Shop’, I decided to make a mat to the size I wanted.

Camp Light Update.
My one and only custom made camp light just morphed into three almost identical clones with one noticeable change.

On my first attempt to cross the Torres Straits I’d been told about the strong ocean currents that run through the straits, but no one could tell me what direction they were running.

Charging my Camplight.
I built my camplight with it being powered by a lithium battery, which have many benefits over other battery types, except for charging.

Laptop Sun Shade.
If you have ever tried to use your laptop out in the bright sunshine, you’ll know exactly where I’m going from when I say . . . “I can’t see the f#*%ing screen!”

After a couple of years of doing ‘hard labour’, my sail was in need of a little bit of tender love and care.

Outback Oven Ultralight - 8 inch.
Over the years paddling with other like minded people, you get to see some great ideas and gear that others have come up with.

Inka Pen.
It’s inevitable that with kayaking for months at a time, or even just for a weekend that you’ll meet someone, somewhere out on the water and need a bloody pen that’s works in a wet environment!

This is my latest, must have item for my kayaking, the X-Bowl, or should I say around the campsite.

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