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Final Update: 14 September. Back to the Gold Coast
Yes, I am alive & still paddling. I've been back on the Gold Coast for a few days now, but I've waited till someone could come paddling with me to take a photo before I did my last update on OneStroke. (See full story)

Day 167: 19 August. Cairns to Airlie Beach
My first days drive saw me back in Lucinda, at the Port O Call Hotel where I caught up with Catherine again. Looking over to Hinchinbrook Island brought back some great memories for me, from the beauty of the island, to meeting some great people on the Coral Sea Kayaking tour.

Day 164: 16 August. Back to Cairns
I left Cooktown yesterday morning to head back to Cairns. Id organized a local freight company to deliver my kayak back to Cairns & I got on the local bus service for my trip back. I was surprised to find that the bus was going down the Bloomfield Track back to Cairns. So I got to see glimpses of the ocean that I had paddled in. While looking out to sea, it was the first time I realized how big my ocean was is & how far I have come. It put a smile face thinking about what Ive achieved.

Day 162: 14 August. Cedar Bay to Cooktown (45 km - 3 hours 55 mins)
Well I was starting to think that I wasn't going to ever get to Cooktown, but I finally have! The weather has been absolutely shithouse! The winds today were that strong they bent my mast, but it didn't snap.

Day 161: 13 August. Cedar Bay
Still at Cedar Bay. Weather has been atrocious, to say the least. Aiming to finally leave for Cooktown tomorrow morning (Monday). Full update once I hit Cooktown. Until then . . .

Day 157: 9 August. Cedar Bay
I am camped at Cedar Bay about 50km south of Cooktown. The winds are howling and the seas are huge. Communication with the satellite is scratchy at best, hence this very short update - and with a stock pic as well.

Day 155: 7 August. Snapper Island to Cape Tribulation (26km - 2 hours 45 mins)
Today was like any other day that I've paddled on this trip, blowing its ring out! It was blowing 30 knots from the SE, But I did get some nice rides on my way up to Cape Tribulation.

Day 154: 6 August. Lay Day - Snapper Island
The wind finally came up today, but today was a lay day for me, basically so I can watch tonight's Formula One Grand Prix.

Day 153: 5 August. Palm Cove to Snapper Island (55km - 5 hours 15 mins)
I left Palm Cove this morning expecting the winds to pick up & blow the 25 knots that the bureau had forecast, but it didn't happen.

Day 152: 4 August. Lay Day - Palm Cove
I woke this morning to a beautifull sunrise at Palm Cove & decided to make it a lay day, well I'm just easy myself be into it!

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