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7 March: Archer Point - 40km 3 hours 30 min.
Today I left Rordon as I paddled north towards Archer Point, he paddled in the Bloomfield River to be picked up by Dale.

6 March: Cowie Beach
Today was one of those days that if anything was to go wrong, it did.

Snapper Island.
Today was the day to say goodbye to that world and say hello to this world, the ocean.

Iím as ready as Iím ever going to be.
Final checks are completed with the gear and kayaks, so it should be smooth sailing from here on in!

Iíve arrived in Cairns . . . in one piece!
This update is a little late, but as they say, itís better late than never. Yes I have arrived in Cairns, and have been busy organising the last things to do before hitting the water.

One of those days when your life flashes before your eyes!
Last night while driving a long straight section of road between Rockhampton and Mackay, basically in the middle of nowhere, my life flashed before my very eyes.

This is it . . . the long road ahead.
After what feels like a lifetime, Iím finally hitting the road for the long journey north to Cairns.

One week to go . . .
And you would think Iíd be ready, seem Iíve done this so many times before, but like every other time, Iím not!

Meat, glorious meat!
Everything is coming along nicely for expected drive north in 3 weeksí time, including the manufacture of ĎMongrel Jerkyí.

Iím a (minor TV) celebrity, get me out of here!
Iíve just been seen by over 2 million people on Dutch television last night, but this story starts two years earlier and almost to the day.

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