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29 March: Cooktown - Layday
I woke this morning to the sound of the rain bucketing down outside and the wind blowing its heart out, so I decided to go soft and stay another day in Cooktown.

28 March: Cooktown - 40km 5hours.
Strong winds and 2 metre seas made the ride to Cooktown an interesting one.

27 March: Cedder Bay - Layday
It's been raining on and off all day, but I did venture out in the dry spells to have a look around and collect some water.

26 March: Cedder Bay 53km-7 hours
This morning before I left Snapper Island I went off for my daily constitution and was confronted by the biggest spider I've ever seen!

25 March: Snapper Island – 21km 3 Hours.
It sometimes felt like this day was never going to come, but I’m finally on the water, well actually on an island. I made it a nice easy paddle, there’s no need to kill myself on the first day.

23 March: Cairns . . . Finally!
Late yesterday afternoon it become obvious that once darkness set in, the authorities weren’t going to let any cars through the floods.

22 March: Ayr

21 March: Airlie Beach.
I decided to spend another day here in Airlie Beach, besides I couldn’t go if I wanted to with many road closures still in place.

20 March: Shute Harbour - Update

20 March: Shute Harbour.
It always happens when I head off for an expedition, the bloody weather turns bad!

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