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7 April: Coconut Island Ė Layday.
Monday, 7 April 2014

What can I say, the people here on Coconut Island are so welcoming that you feel like part of the community.

The IBIS supermarket opened its doors at 8.30 this morning and I was there with money in my hands. I couldnít wait to buy some fruit, itís the one thing Iíve been craving for a month now.

So I was able to get some apples, mandarins and apricots for the healthy part of my buy spree. The not so healthy part was a couple bags of potato chips and two magnum ice creams! It all balances out in the end.

At lunchtime I sat down with the workers who had knocked off for their lunchbreak and had a great talk and many laughs with them. The one thing that they all agreed on was, that I was the crazy one and did I know that they have a plane service to Coconut Island and that you donít need to paddle here anymore!

Tonight, Seidrick and Sandra again invited me to their house to have an amazing dinner with them, painted crays to be exact. I even went back seconds. After dinner we could hear singing, so we went to investigate.

It turned out to be the local church band putting on an outdoor jam session, so we all pulled up a chair and sat back and enjoyed the show.

Tomorrow Iíll push on as the cyclone east of me pushes closer to Australia. Nothing is going to stop me from reaching my goal, not even a cyclone!

I just want to say to the people of Coconut Island a big thank you for making me feel like part of your family, I will miss you all.

The excitment for the day was a helicopter coming into land.

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