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18 March: Update.
It was the night before christmas and all was calm . . . . hang on wrong story! It was the night before I head of on my next expedition, Cairns to PNG.

4 Weeks to go and counting . . .
I canít believe that its only 4 short weeks till I hit the road for the long drive north to Cairns and Iíve still got so much to do!

Sunglasses Update.
No youíre not seeing double, I now have had two pair of prescription paddling sunglasses made for me.

Food Update.
Packaging food for a two month expedition certainty takes time, but I am progressing at a steady pace.

Cairns to Papa New Guinea - Reloaded 2012.
Itís starting to sound like a never ending story, but itís on again for the third attempt getting to PNG!

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