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8 April: Stanley Island - 3km
Today was one of the shortest paddles I'll most probably do on this journey, but it was a very special one, to find the Aboriginal rock drawings on the island.

7 April: Flinders Island - Layday. 
I went to bed last night with every intention of making the most of the next day exploring the surrounding islands.

6 April: Flinders Island - 55km 6 hours 30 min.
First port of call today was to Cape Melville to fill up the water bladders as I was down to my last couple of litres.

5 April: Barrow Island 73km - 9 hours 15 min.
There was absolutely no wind as I left the Turtle Group of Islands, so I knew it was going to be a bloody hot day ahead.

4 April: Turtle Group of Islands - 30km 4 hours 30 min.
I left Watson's Bay this morning passing the Pacific Responder swinging on the pick.

3 April: Lizard Island - Layday.
Last night I was minding my own business when all of a sudden I had a visitor slip quietly by my feet!

2 April: Cooks Passage - 40km.
Today I achieved a dream, a dream that I've had for many years, to emulate what Captain James Cook did some 242 years ago.

1April:Lizard Island

31 March: Lizard Island - 49km 5 hours.
I woke this morning to the sun rising over the horizon and hardly a cloud in the sky, I had a good feeling about today

30 March: Low Wooded Island - 43km 4 hours 30 min.
I headed out from Cooktown this morning with the sun shining and knowing that there's no turning back now.

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