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30 April: Back to Christmas Creek.
With my main video camera being buggered after just three weeks into an eight month expedition, and now not being able to document the trip at all, and besides the budget just won’t stretch as far as $7000.00 for a new camera and housing, I’ve decided to stop the expedition.

April: Unnamed Beach. 26.5km – 4 hours 30 minutes
I was going to make today a lay day, but I decided to push on for a half day’s paddle to get a few more kilometres under my belt.

28 April: King Creek. 46.5km - 8 hours 30 minutes
Last night’s sleep wasn’t a good one knowing that there was a croc sitting out there just waiting for me.

27 April: Cape Keerweer.
For the first time I didn’t have the element of surprise with the crocs, this time they had the upper hand.

6 April: Cape Keerweer. 56km – 10 hours
Every day now I get up before dawn to be on the water at daybreak, that way I have at least 2 hours before the head-on winds pick up for the day.

25 April: Love River. 40km – 7 hours 30 minutes
Today has been an interesting one to say the least, with it starting at about 2am being woken up to the sound of an outboard motor close by.

24 April: Ina Creek. 30.5km – 5 hours
I woke this morning to the howling of dingos, one which was close by and the others in the opposite direction, but at some distance away.

23 April: Pera Head Creek. (Part One)
I woke this morning to the beautiful sound of the water cascading over the rocks as it made its way out into the ocean.

23 April: Pera Head Creek. (Part Two)
More photos to have a look at.

23 April: Pera Head Creek. (Part Three)
More photos to have a look at.

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