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29 April: Somerset Bay - Layday.
I woke many times throughout the night with the rain bucketing down, but when daybreak finally arrived, the sun greeted the day.

28 April: Somerset Bay - Layday.
What can I say, apart from the fact that I did jack shit today . . . well almost.

27 April: Somerset Bay - Layday.
This morning as I had my breakfast, I could hear a 4WD rumbling down the road, towards my camp here in Somerset Bay.

26 April: Somerset Bay - 40km 5 hours.
One thing I'd been dreading on this expedition was entering Albany Passage, right at the very top of Australia.

25 April: Sadd Point 64km - 7 hours
Today was ANZAC day, the day Australia and New Zealand remember not only the fallen of World War One, but now all men and women who have lost their lives in all wars.

24 April: Hannibal Island - 26km 2 hours 45 min (Part One).
The short paddle today to Hannibal Island gave me the opportunity to do some exploring once I was here and had camp setup.

24 April: Hannibal Island - 26km 2 hours 45 min (Part Two).
You always hope you'll something interesting when you head off beach combing around the island I pull up on.

23 April: Bird Islet 23km - 2 hours 15 min
This morning I had to wait till there was enough water at my beach on Sunday Island before I could head off.

22 April: Sunday Island 46km - 5 hours 15 minutes
With it being Sunday, I thought it would be appropriate to camp on Sunday Island, an island I've even been to before.

21 April: Forbes Island 38km - 3 hours 45 minutes
I was up before daybreak, packing up my tent and all my gear to be on the water at sunrise for the next stage of my journey.

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