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6 April: Coconut Island - 53 km - 6 hours 15 min.
Sunday, 6 April 2014

Got hit by three bad storms today. One had thunder and lightning so dropped my mast down and had to stop paddling. I didn't think that waving a carbon fibre paddle around in the air would be a good idea. Apparently carbon is a good conductor of electricity!

As Coconut Island finally came into view and I rounded the western end of the island, about 30 locals came out and walked along the beach to greet me as I landed next to the jetty. They were telling me that they've never had a kayaker arrive at their island before.

After telling them that I'd paddled up from Cairns, one of them said "You'd have to be crazy to do something that." My reply was, "You'd most properly right on the mark there." Everyone made me feel welcome and the children helped me carry my gear up to where they said I could camp.

Word didn't take long to get around the island that there was a crazy white fella who arrived by sea kayak! Everyone came over for a chat and one family invited me for dinner. So there was no way I was going to knock that back.

I actually got to see the news on TV for the first time a month and I couldn't believe that they still haven't found that missing plane! Now it's somewhere off Australia?

Dinner was amazing, two different chicken dishes, pasta, rice and beautiful fresh homemade salad! To eat fresh veggies again was so nice. To say thank you I gave the family some packets of my home jerky. They were saying that jerky from the local supermarket here on the island, is $12.oo per packet!

Speaking of the supermarket, when it opens its doors at 8.30am in the morning, I'll be straight in to get some fruit, I can't wait.

PS: Full updates and photo's back to the 28th March have been uploaded. Sorry no photo for the day as my iPhone had run out of juice, but I'll take photos tomorrow.

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