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Restoration Islandat the bottom of the window.

21 April: Cairns.
Monday, 21 April 2014

I know I've been slack about writing an update for the past few days, but here it is now.

I flew back to Cairns from Horn Island on Qantas with no many people on the flight, giving me plenty of room to stretch out.

I spent the flight with my face against the window, looking down on the ocean that I was not too long ago paddling my little heart out, making my way north to PNG. It's a big ocean when you see it from 28,000ft.

I also saw many islands that I stopped at as the plane flew back to Cairns, with one just coming into view that I spent a few days on, Restoration Island. It's only when you are up this high looking down, that realize the distance that I've travelled in my trusty sea kayak.

I'm in Cairns with Rordon & Dale catching up with the stories of my journey for the past five weeks of paddling. I kayak should be back in Cairns, but with this being Easter I'll pick up my kayak and gear from Seaswift on Tuesday or Wednesday.

So for now I'm just enjoying being a tourist in town.

Not many people on the flight.

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