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17 March: Barrow Island. 36km – 4 hours.
As I was heading off from Sinclair Island I switched on the bilge pump out the water from in the kayak, but the pump didn’t come to life.

16 March: Sinclair Island. 38km – 4 hours 30 min.
It had to happen at some stage of this journey and today was the day, to play chicken in the shipping channel, not with one ship, but with three of the bloody big things!

15 March: Turtle Group Islands 47km – 5 hours 30 min.
With light winds, slight seas and the sun beating down, today’s paddle was a slog fest, but I eventually made it here and set up camp.

14 March: Low Wooded Island 42km – 4 hours 30 min.
Darren came down to the boat ramp to see me off and while I was packing the kayak, the onlookers asked, "Where are you going?" To which I replied, "PNG." They said, "What the . . . .!"

14 march: Cooktown.
After many days of bad weather the sun finally came out yesterday and also giving me a good four day window to push on this morning.

13 March: Cooktown.
Yesterday I was hopeful that the weather would clear for a departure this morning, so I got my entire gear ready just in case.

11 March: Cooktown 25km – 2 hours.
I decided to head into Cooktown today as the weather is still going to be crap for the next few days.

10 March: Archer Point.
Last night I woke up to the wind destroying everything around, including one of my tarp poles.

9 March: Archer Point.
This morning I said goodbye to Rordon and Dale as they headed back to Cairns. Thanks for everything that you’ve done for me.

8 March: Archer Point.
Today was a 4WD drive trip into the big smoke, Cooktown, for pub food and cold beers!

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