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Ready now for the long drive home.

8 May: Together again!
Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Today I was like an expecting father, all excited that my girl, the kayak that is, was about to arrive back in town.

Rordon and I drove down to Sea Swift's despatch yard to collect my girl. The guys at Sea Swift had already unloaded the shipping container for me and had my kayak sitting on a pallet under cover.

Again I would to just say thanks to everyone at Sea Swift for all your help, to Steve and his team on Horn Island, to Victor, Terry, and all the team at Sea Swift's head office, you made it so easy for me.

Well tomorrow I start the long drive back down to the Gold Coast, but I think I'll take my time after seeing how cold it's getting at night there. Yes I know I'm soft, but anyone who knows me, knows I hate the cold!

Now how do to get out of Cairns . . . bugger I might have to just stay here in Cairns!

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