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1 May: Somerset Bay - Breaking News.
Tuesday, 1 May 2012

To circumstances beyond my control, I have the unfortunate news that this expedition is over . . . well paddling across the Torres Straits that is.

Unfortunately I've haven't been able to secure permission from the councils to stay on the islands as I cross the Torres Straits. Without this permission I can not arrive on these islands, and you have to understand that this is their home, so it's their call.

I know I've always said it's the journey and not the destination and I'm okay with that. At least this time it wasn't Mother Nature, or the lose my paddling glasses so I couldn't see my compass, but red tape that's stop me in the end.

There's been a lot of hard work behind the scenes from two people trying to get this permission for me. I won't name them, but they know who they are and I thanks you for all the effort you've put in for me.

Today I've looked back on what I've done, the new places that I've been to, the new friends I've made along the way and catching up with old friends I've made on past journeys, paddling out through Cooks Passage, but there's still friends to catch up with on Thursday and Horn Islands.

That's where I'll be paddling to tomorrow, to start the process of getting the kayak and myself back to Cairns. I suppose this means that tonight I can pig out on the freeze dried meals I have left . . . not likely!

I can almost taste the steak and chips now!

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