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27 March: Restoration Island – Layday.
Island time has well and truly kicked in with me, with half the day gone before I managed to get into first gear.

26 March: Restoration Island – Layday.
Today Dave and I went into the big smoke, the Lockhart Aboriginal Community, where Dave had a meeting to go to with the council.

25 March: Restoration Island. 27km – 3 hours 35 min.
I woke many times during the night to the sound of thunder all around me and the tent glowing bright from the lightning strikes, but come morning, the skies were clear with the sun beating down.

24 March: Cape Direction. 66km – 8 hours.
I woke this to it absolutely bucketing down and it didn’t stop, but I decided to pack up anyway. So all my gear went into the kayak soaking wet, a great way to start the day.

23 March: Cape Sidmouth. 30km – 3 hours 30 min.
Light winds again today, but I left at sparrows fart this morning to try and beat the heat from the midday sun.

22 March: Fife Island. 33km – 4 hours.
A direct line to Fife Island from Pelican Island would take me over 2 reef systems and save about 5km to the paddle, so I took the chance of making it across.

21 March: Pelican Island. 58km – 6 hours 15 min.
I left Flinders Island knowing I was in for a rough ride up to Pelican Island, but that was an understatement!

20 March: Flinders Island – Layday.
I woke this morning to the howling winds trying to blow my tent, with me in it, off the concrete slab beneath the shelter.

19 March: Flinders Island - Layday.
Just before dark last night, a boat came in from the western end of the Owen Channel and anchored up for the night about 2km from my camp.

18 March: Flinders Island. 54km – 6 hours 15 min.
I’ve been looking forward to this day, the day that I arrive at Flinders Island. The only National Parks island with shelter and water tanks in far north Queensland, basically paradise!

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