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Saibai Island.

13 April: Saibai Island. 47km 6 hours.
Sunday, 13 April 2014

I started this journey back in 2007, Cairns to PNG, and now after the fourth attempt I can say that I've bloody made it!

I am now 3km from PNG, which I can see just across the water from me. I can legally go within 1.5km of PNG, which is the international border that just happens to have a sand cay smack bang on the borderline.

So in the next day or two I will paddle there and draw a line in the sand with PNG on one side and OZ on the other and take a photo of my feet on either side of the line.

It was such a hard paddle today, but all that doesn't matter now, I'm here and I'm so happy about that. I got a bit emotional as I came around the point and into view of the settlement here on Saibai Island.

So many years of paddling I've finally achieve my Everest, my summit!

See you on the water!

That's PNG on the other side of the water.
Sunset on Saibai Island.

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