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Seaswift's Malu Titan that will be taking my kayak to Horn Island.

15 April: Saibai Island.
Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Yesterday was the first time in 5 weeks I haven't had to check the weather forecast for the next 4 day weather window and then pack for the day's paddle.

I'm staying in the Saibai Island Community Centre Hall where I have my tent up and under cover. The tent looks a little lost on the floor of the hall, but it is dry as it bucketed down during the night.

After brekkie I rang Seaswift to see when their barge would be arriving at Saibai Island, but the bad weather from the cyclone in the past days, I thought it might be a couple of days late. But I was told that it was still on time, arriving first thing in the morning (today).

So yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning every piece of equipment, including inside and out of the kayak for its journey back to Horn Island and then onto Cairns. The reason for this is because I'm in a special Quarantine Zone that protects Australia from unwanted pests and diseases entering mainland Australia from a country so nearby.

So this morning the Quarantine inspector came and checked all of my gear and remaining food I had and gave me the all clear for its journey back down to Cairns. Once I had the Quarantine stickers on all the gear heading back, Seaswift came along and picked up my gear and kayak right at my front door. You can't get better service than that!

While I've been here at Saibai Island, Phyllis, who is one of the Immigration Officers here, and her husband, Karl, have been so nice to me. Last night they came down with a freshly cooked mud crab for my dinner. So I sat out on the rock wall, watching the sun set over the horizon, devouring the massive mud crab!

Now for the first time in a long time my number one bitch in my life are apart from each other! They say absence makes the heart grow stronger, don't they?

The all important Quarantine sticker.
Quarantine stickers on all of my gear.
Door to door pickup service.
My tent looks a little lonely.

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