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12 April: Gabba Island. Layday
Saturday, 12 April 2014

At 2am this morning I was awoken by howling winds and driving rain, but my weather was nothing compared to what they were getting further down south at Cooktown.

At sunrise the skies were clear with the sun coming up over the island, and the winds had dropped to a gentle NW breeze. Not the right direction for me to paddle into, but I will head off tomorrow for the last leg of my journey.

It'll be better to have a light headwind than no wind at all. When you get out of the wind it's not long before the sun baking you. I can't believe that this day has finally come around after soon many years.

But I can't get ahead of myself as I still have a long paddle and the currents to deal with. I know it won't be easy but I will have a smile on my face!

See you at the summit!

PS: Full updates back to the 9 April.

Purple seaweed.
Only a small clam shell.

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