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18 May: Moreton Island.
Well I did actually make it home, but that turned out to be a very short visit because I'm back out on the water again.

10 May: Airlie Beach.
I did arrive here at Airlie Beach yesterday afternoon, but after having dinner and a few drinks over the road at Lolita's home, I was too buggered to write an update.

8 May: Together again!
Today I was like an expecting father, all excited that my girl, the kayak that is, was about to arrive back in town.

7 May: Cairns - Is there really such a thing as solo sea kayaking?
The past two days I've been at Rordon and Dale's place while I wait for my kayak to arrive here in Cairns.

5 May: Horn Island to Cairns - 4 hours.
It was a early start for the day this morning as I had a plane to catch, for the trip back to Cairns.

4 May: Horn Island - Loading Day.
Today was the day my kayak and I separated for the first time in a long, long time, but I know we'll see each again soon.

3 May: Horn Island - Layday.
What you you think of my new investment, my new kayak that is. The little old lady said she only paddled it on Sundays and it even comes with logbooks!

2 May: Horn Island - 45km 4 hours.
Today had a bitter sweet feeling to it, a little sad that after the third attempt I haven't made it to PNG, but I'm so much looking forward to real food and a cold beer!

1 May: Somerset Bay - Breaking News.
To circumstances beyond my control, I have the unfortunate news that this expedition is over . . . well paddling across the Torres Straits that is.

30 April: Somerset Bay
NEWS FLASH!!!!!!! - Updated.

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