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I traded in my old kayak for this little beauty!

3 May: Horn Island - Layday.
Friday, 4 May 2012

What you you think of my new investment, my new kayak that is. The little old lady said she only paddled it on Sundays and it even comes with logbooks!

Just kidding . . . it was paddled on Saturdays as well! Unfortunately its not seaworthy anymore, but it would have been great to put it in the water and give it a go.

I'm staying with Garth and Peita, here on Horn Island, and Peita was kind enough to take me on a tour of Horn Island. But you need a 4WD vehicle to get to the places we went. One of the first places we stopped at was just behind the airport, here on Horn Island. To the remains of bunkers used in World War Two.

I was blown away to see beer bottles that the soldiers would drink from, with the bottles dated 1943! We drove all over the island, stopping at many places. One place was cable bay, which I'm pretty sure it was named that because of a cable running out of the ground and down the beach, then into the ocean.

Another stop was King Point which a kayaker could arrive here on a high tide. It has all the mod-cons, tank water, shelter and even a wood fired BBQ, a five star resort for sea kayakers!

Tomorrow I start getting the kayak ready for quarantine to check my gear before it can be loaded aboard the ship for it's journey back to Cairns. This part of the world is a quarantine zone, so everything going back to Australia has to be checked, especially any food that you are carrying with you. Even my tents pegs have to be washed and clean from any dirt, so I've got some work ahead of me!

Beer bottles that the military drank from back in World War Two.
The remains of a plane engine, another artifact form World War Two.
Kings Point beach shelter.
A bunker high up on Horn Hill.

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