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20 April: Restoration Island - Preparation Day.
Well today I finally resupplied the kayak with all the goodies from my food drop that's been sitting here on Restoration Island for the past few weeks.

19 April: Restoration Island - Layaday.
I know that you are starting to think that I'll never leave this little piece of paradise, but there has been a reason for staying.

17 April: Restoration Island - Layday.
Sorry that there was no update yesterday, but with the bad weather and all the rain, then having to stand outside at the end of the island to do the update gets a little tricky.

15 April: Restoration Island - Layday.
Sleeping in the tent last night with the wind howling and the rain bucketing down was like music to my ears, and a safer one.

14 April: Restoration - Layday.
I went to bed last night with no idea that it would come close to being the last time I'd see daylight.

13 April: Restoration Island - 28km 2 hours 25 min.
Oh my god, the wind was absolutely howling and I knew I was going to get a hammering today. It just happens to be Friday the 13th, but who's superstitious!

12 April: Cape Direction - 66km 6 hours 45min.
The wind was still blowing when I woke this morning, this had a good point and a bad one!

11 April: Cape Sidmouth - 30km 4 hours.
What is wrong with the weather? I listen to the weather report saying it's going to be blowing, but I get nothing!

10 April: Fife Island - 32km 4 hours.
It's been another hot windy day of paddling, but at least I didn't have too far to paddle as Fife Island was only 32km up the road.

9 April: Pelican Island -  60km 7 hours 30min.
Last night I listened to the weather report, 15-20 knots winds for the next day, I was very happy

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