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Saying thank you to Victor fromSeaswift for all his help.

22 April: Cairns.
Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It had been a week since my kayak and I parted ways for our separate journeys back to Cairns, but today we were reunited.

Rordon and I drove down to Seaswift's depot to pick my kayak and to say thanks to the team at Seaswift for all their help over the past few years. I'd also like to say a big thank you to all my sponsors that over the years have made all possible for me to do my expeditions.

Not only the sponsors, but I big thank you to all the people that have helped me achieve my dreams. I know I'm going to forget someone, but here is a list of these people:

Tony  - Mediacentre, Gold Coast

Mark Gold Coast

Peter & Kristy Brisbane

Reg & Sandra Gladstone

Glen - Rockhampton

Mark Shute Harbour

Tony & Mary - Cairns

Bruce & Juanita MV Wildcard

Dave Restoration Island

Phil & Di Horn Island

I also need to make a special thank you to Garth & Peita Horn Island, Rordon & Dale - Cairns, who did so much behind the scenes to make this all happen for me. Like I've said before the paddling might be solo, but the support for all these people have made it happen.

Now there's one more person I need to thank. She mightn't been there when I first started my very first expedition so many years ago, but she has been there supporting me for many of them, and that person is my beautiful wife, Irene, who lets me live my dreams.

I'm now on the road for the long journey home.

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