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My split foot, but itís ok when I donít have use it!

9 April: Yam Island Ė Layday.
Wednesday, 9 April 2014

It's been raining on and off for the past two days here on Yam Island, but at least I can buy an ice cream during shop hours.

A problem that I've had for almost two weeks now is my left foot has split open. I'm not sure if it was a cut first, but it won't heal, not while my foot is constantly wet from being wet in the kayak or from the rain.

The worst time for my foot is in the kayak when I push on the left rudder, but it's not going to stop from reaching my goal. It can heal up when I've finished this expedition.

Only two more paddle lengths to go, but the cyclone out to the east pushes closer to the mainland, so I will do a short paddle tomorrow to the next island and sit there for a couple of days and wait for the weather to settle.

I just hope that it's not raining in the morning while I pack up. There's nothing worse than having to pack everything wet into the kayak. I will have to head off right on daybreak as the winds are meant to swing from the SE to strong NW winds, something I wouldn't want to paddle into.

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