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5 August: Gold Coast HOME!
I cant get over how bloody cold it is! Maybe I should have missed my ship back, and then I would have been stuck up in the Torres Straits for another few months!

4 August: Brisbane.
Basically all Ive been doing for the past couple of days is driving with stops in between.

1 August: Cairns
This was my last day aboard the Trinity Bay to look back at where Id traveled, recognising places that Id been to along the way.

31 July: Somewhere in the Coral Sea.
The food on board the Trinity Bay is to die for! They feed you day and night, and its all included in the price of your ticket.

30 July: Seisia - My Birthday!
I was up early this morning getting the kayak and my gear ready for its little holiday in a shipping container!

29 July: Seisia 11.58 km I MADE IT!
It was a bit of a sad feeling today, knowing that this was the last paddling day of this trip, but I was happy that this was the last day of trying to paddle against the bloody currents!

28 July: Possession Island 12.76 km
Each night when I set up camp, I either put my kayak or my table and chair as my first line of defense against a croc coming up to my tent. For the last couple of months Ive had no problems with crocs while camping and my alarm system has never gone off . . . until last night!

27 July: Meggi-Yelubi (Little Woody) Island 22.57km 4 hours 30 min.
For my last night on Thursday Island I went with some of the staff from the Federal Hotel to the amusement carnival on the island. Yes thats right, sideshow alley right here on Thursday Island!

25 July: Lay-Day Thursday Island.
At about 11am this morning I got the phone call from Seaswift on Horn Island to say that my kayak and gear had arrived from Yam Island. So I rang the ferry company and made a booking for the next ferry heading over to Horn Island. They even have a courtesy bus come and pick you up.

24 July: Lay-Day Thursday Island (Part One).
Today I went back up to Green Hill Fort (see 6th July Part Two), but this time to the museum which occupies the dungeon area of the fort.

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