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25 May: Sunglasses Update.
Yesterday I went and saw a mate of mine, Michael, who just happens to be an optometrist, to see about getting a new pair of Oakley paddling sunglasses.

23 May: Home.
I’ve finally made it home yesterday after the long drive back from Cairns and I can’t believe how cold it is back here!

18 May: Cairns Port.
I’ve been here at the shipping company’s terminal in Cairns, parked out the front for three days, waiting while they try and find the shipping container that my kayak’s in!

15 May: Somewhere above Australia.
It’s a little sad leaving the Torres Straits as I write this update at 22,000 feet above Cape York.

13 May: Horn Island – The preparation to head home.
Once you leave mainland Australia you enter the Torres Strait quarantine zone. This is a safety net to stop many unwanted plants and wildlife coming in from nearby PNG.

12 May: Horn Island – News Update
I’ve been enjoying the last couple of days, just giving the body a break from all the paddling of the past few weeks.

9 May: Horn Island 45km – 5 hours.
It was such a great feeling to round Cape York this morning after recovering from the past few days of battling the elements.

8 May: Sommerset Beach – Layday.
Last night when I went to bed I had every intention of packing up this morning and seeing if I could make it over to Horn Island in the 30 knot winds and also paddling into 2 knots of current.

7 May: Sommerset Beach – Layday.
It was nice wake up this morning and not have to pack up camp as today was a chance for my body rest from the battering I gave it in the past few days.

6 May: Sommerset Beach: 40km – 5.30 hours.
I didn’t sleep well at all last night, but I decided that because the weather wasn’t getting any better in the near future, I would push on anyway.

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